20 April 2019 / 13. Shabaan 1440

Posted by relief on April 28, 2014

During Ayaam Fatimiyyah, the community contributed almost £2500 to the WF's Syria appeal. 

The money's going towards a World Federation project with Syrian Refugees in Turkey and Lebanon where over the next few weeks, they are spending $100,000 USD through funds raised from the community. The funds will be spent equally in both countries and will be used to provide Syrian refugees with:

 - 1,000 Food parcels in Turkey and 1,000 food parcels in Lebanon

- Family Hygiene Kits (sanitation napkins, tooth paste, tooth brushes etc.)

- Kitchen sets

- Baby items (diapers, sock kits, towels & cleaning supplies)

- Clothing for children


Thanks for all your generosity! 

 (see below a picture of items being loaded at a WF warehouse)