22 September 2017 / 29. Zil-Hajj 1438

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The day began bright and early with a trip to Cineworld, Wembley in the London Designer Outlet. Upon arrival we were given some tasty cupcakes and sweets in celebration of Milad-un-Nabi. The program began with beautiful recitation of Quran by Sayed Jalal Masoomi. Then there was a mention of the 72 words competition which Stanmore Jafferys held and Minaz Nasser had won. After which there was a presentation about Al Ayn Social Care Foundation which informed us about the work that they do and the history of the Charity. Then we were shown the film itself. 

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In Christmas 2015, Stanmore Jafferys Literary team took the initiative to reach out to twenty Churches local to Hujjat Stanmore to wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year through specifically addressed Christmas cards.

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A little while ago we had a 72 word competition, whereby the winner would receive a free ticket to the screening of The Princess of Rome!

Sheikh Mohammed Abbas Panju was the judge and he has chosen the following entry as the winner.


72 words.....


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Stanmore Jafferys are pleased to announce that we are holding a competition to win 4 tickets to the showing of The Princess of Rome Sunday 27th December, 10AM-12pm,

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 | Cultivating God Consciousness in the Current Climate, 27.11.15

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This poster depicts the timeline of the Journey that Imam Husain (AS) undertook when he left Madina enroute to Karbala. It shows the stops he made which are of historical importance.

The distances and the exact location of these places are not known.

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This sport's as popular as ever and it's filling up as fast! Register to receive all the updates and details.

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A great piece of poetry from our very own SJ Journalist, Ali-Reza Daya


The month of Muharram is coming round the corner 

But this year I don't want to be an empty mourner

Enough with my tears being that of a crocodile

With my actions contradicting his perfect lifestyle 

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Stanmore Jaffery’s Ladies Seminar  

Title: Hajj; Past, Present and Future 

Speaker: Sheikh Muhammad Abbas Panju



The study of Hajj can be divided into two sections;


1.Technical aspects – Fiqh/ Ahkaam – Each Maraje’ has a book ‘Manaasikul Hajj’ which details the rulings for how to perform Hajj, those things that are forbidden when in a state of ihraam etc. 

2.Spiritual aspect – This is what the seminar will focus on 


•Hajj must be understood from both avenues

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MAMT stands for Mulla Asgar Memorial Tournament. Mulla Asgar had bought everyone together likewise the tournament brings people of different communities together to compete in sports they enjoy. The tournament includes a variety of sports including: swimming, netball, football, table tennis and badminton. The tournament is hosted in different places each year, this year it was hosted in Birmingham, everyone there was so friendly. This year was the biggest outcome of people in 6 years!


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