22 January 2019 / 14. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1440

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A great piece of poetry from our very own SJ Journalist, Ali-Reza Daya


The month of Muharram is coming round the corner 

But this year I don't want to be an empty mourner

Enough with my tears being that of a crocodile

With my actions contradicting his perfect lifestyle 

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Stanmore Jaffery’s Ladies Seminar  

Title: Hajj; Past, Present and Future 

Speaker: Sheikh Muhammad Abbas Panju



The study of Hajj can be divided into two sections;


1.Technical aspects – Fiqh/ Ahkaam – Each Maraje’ has a book ‘Manaasikul Hajj’ which details the rulings for how to perform Hajj, those things that are forbidden when in a state of ihraam etc. 

2.Spiritual aspect – This is what the seminar will focus on 


•Hajj must be understood from both avenues

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MAMT stands for Mulla Asgar Memorial Tournament. Mulla Asgar had bought everyone together likewise the tournament brings people of different communities together to compete in sports they enjoy. The tournament includes a variety of sports including: swimming, netball, football, table tennis and badminton. The tournament is hosted in different places each year, this year it was hosted in Birmingham, everyone there was so friendly. This year was the biggest outcome of people in 6 years!

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Following on from our previous email, this year's Freshers and Careers Fair has been postponed to Sunday 20th September 2015. 

Entrance is FREE, and will be held at Hujjat, Stanmore at 3pm.

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Stanmore A 

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Sufra Food Academy

Grow, pick and cook your own food!

On the 4th/6th/11th/13th August 11am to 4pm

Fill in the registration below!

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Stanmore Jaffery's ladies sports would like to announce some exciting tournaments coming up in the next few months. 

As many of you know we've got the annual MAMT Tournament hosted by CoEJ on August 29th and 30th 2015. This will be taking place in Birmingham at the Tudor Grange Leisure Centre.

Posted by webmaster on July 04, 2015

On behalf of our sports board I have the very pleasant task of introducing our SJ Summer Sports camps that will take place this summer after shahre ramadhan.

We are offering three sports: Cricket – Tennis and Football.


Posted by webmaster on June 27, 2015

Over 18, 000 children in Brent & Harrow often go to bed hungry. Can you help a local family?

We urgently require the following items:


Long-Life Milk (IL)


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