25 May 2019 / 19. Ramadhan 1440

Posted by assistantwebmaster on September 20, 2017
The modern calligraphy course organised by Stanmore Jafferys was fantastic. It was well structured and beautifully orchestrated. When I arrived the tables were neatly set up with our own starter pack of sheets, fountain pen and ink which looked very enticing and made me excited to start. 
The teacher Maliha was amazing. she explained the basics in a simplified and step by step way, easy for all beginners to get a grip of. She was always available if we needed any guidance or help. I learnt a great deal for sure and really had fun.
There were also light refreshments which was an extra bonus. Also, Being able to take the  goody bag home to practise with after the session was great as I was looking forward to inplementing what I had learnt immediately.
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the session and would definitely be looking into attending the second part. Everyone gained immensely from it and were thoroughly impressed. This small starter session in modern calligraphy has really enthused my passion for it.