24 March 2019 / 16. Rajab 1440


Head of Non-Sports

Name: Ashiqali Damani, Twitter account: @mahdiawaiter

Position in SJ: Head of Non-sports 

Educational Background\what you do now: I.T. Consultant

Hobbies & interests: I enjoy sports such as cycling, swimming, going to the gym. Love watching and following F1 and Man United. Twitter, Anti-Facebook, Interest in social activism, inter-faith, charity and developing people. Very keen interest in psychology, sociology and the science that is marriage!

Fun fact about myself: 24 hour Dad - its damn hard work but every moment is joy and chaos all wrapped into one ! Done a lot of travelling, including South America. 

Favourite hadith: "Knowledge is the treasure chest and your questions are the keys"

Profile Type: 

Committee Member