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Posted by sisterssports on December 11, 2017

On Friday 29 th September 2017, SJ Lit hosted a women’s seminar entitled ‘Countering Corruption in Society’, led by Zakira Tahira Kassamali. This followed on from her lectures in the ELC during Ashra-Muharram on the topic ‘Society and the Growth of the Individual’. As is the case in her lectures, she centred discussions around Ayaat of Quran, helping us to base our actions on the divine words, and forge a greater relationship with the Holy Book.

In her introduction, Zakira Tahira spoke of the importance of the subject, highlighting the need to discuss both the issues and solutions. We must generate innovative ideas to tackle the problems for the betterment of the society and the individuals that form it. She reminded us of the fact that we must treat our society as a human body, such that when a part is ill or suffering, we all have personal responsibility to form part of the immune response. We must seek to become the ‘Ulu Baqiyya’, (the people possessing understanding) who seek to counter corruption in society, as discussed in 11:116 of the Holy Quran.

We proceeded to split into groups to discuss different areas of concern within society, and then a spokesperson for each group fed back the key points discussed. The subject discussed were:

  1. The eroding of family values
  2. The entertainment industry
  3. Scepticism and lack of faith
  4. The promotion of indecency
  5. The growth of materialism
  6. Social media

For the given topic, we were tasked with defining it, giving examples, as well as exploring how we can counter it as both individuals and groups within society.

Common themes and solutions that emerged as a result of the discussions included:

  • Ensuring we are conscious of the issues
  • Strong upbringing of children to understand the issues and dangers posed
  • Having good communication within families to address issues as they arise, particularly utilising meal times together
  • Having open communication when it comes to ‘taboo’ topics
  • Ensuring we are good role models and that we have good role models, both at home and in society
  • Ensuring we develop a strong sense of self worth
  • Developing good frameworks and channels for asking questions
  • Ensuring we have access to Islamic knowledge, particularly related to Aqaid
  • Dedicating time alone for self-reflection
  • Having limits when it comes to usage of modern technology (eg. Entertainment and social media), but trying to use it for positive purposes

We discussed many more responses to the specific areas of concern within society. The interactive discussion proved extremely useful, and facilitated engagement of all present. It also enabled us to see different approaches to handling the same issues, which was very enriching.

In summary, the seminar proved to be enlightening and reflective, providing food for thought for all present, to implement personally, in their families as mini societies, as well as in the wider community.

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