25 May 2019 / 19. Ramadhan 1440

Posted by sisterssports on May 20, 2017

Thank you SJ for a phenomenal day!!I was really looking forward to the day and was not disappointed. It was great to have a day out with my mum and sister but also with all my close friends which I have made during the SJ sports sessions. Watching the women’s FA cup final in the amazing Wembley stadium was truly inspirational. The game was exhilarating and straight from kick off Manchester City dominated the game winning 4-1. It was awesome to see the talent on such an astounding stage and the atmosphere was incredible as this was a record attendance of over 37,000 spectators.  The highlights for me were; the overall experience and taking part in the ‘Mexican Wave’, watching Jill Scott lift the trophy and all us girls screaming our ‘heads off.’ My sister Isha loved taking photos, cheering and the ‘Mexican wave.’Seeing the crowds and enthusiasm this match brought proves that football is not just for boys. I personally love playing football. My mother thinks it would be amazing if one day we could have one of our very own girls playing at Wembley representing us ‘Hijabi Stanmorians’. Finally; myself, Isha and my mum would like to thank the SJ team for all their efforts and recognising the need for sports for the girls within our community. The volunteers work tirelessly not only to run these sessions but to give us girls the opportunity to attend such events.  Since joining SJ girls’ sports we feel part of another family. I pray for the continued success and growth for the girls’ sports and InshAllah when I am older I will be able to offer my help too.By Aliyah Iman Ali Chandoo 

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