25 May 2019 / 19. Ramadhan 1440

Posted by sisterssports on September 15, 2016


Great gameplay by all, and an exciting contest, with two of the categories being decided by nail-biting penalty shoot-outs. Thanks to our refs, and to Sidika Dewji and Fatim Dossa for their help in running the football tournament.

12 and under:     Winner: Stanmore Wasps          Runner up: Leicester

13-15:     Winner: Leicester          Runner up: Peterborough

16-20:     Winner: Stanmore Stars           Runners up: Leicester

21+:     Winner: Leicester          Runner up: Manchester

35+:     Winner: Unity C           Runner up: Unity B 



Particular congratulations to the winners of the 21+ category, a group of players who won netball for the first time together 20 years ago at our very first tournament, and now winners of the 21+ category on our 20th anniversary games. Thanks to our umpires, and to Sidika Dewji, Fatim Dossa and Zahra Khalfan for their help in running the netball tournament.

12 and under:     Winner: Stanmore Diamonds          Runner up: Stanmore Emeralds         Third Place: Stanmore Pearls

13-15:     Winner: Hyderi          Runner up: Stanmore Teens

16-20:     Winner: Stanmore Young Stars          Runner up: Stanmore Spirit

21+:     Winner: Stanmore Old Stars          Runner up: Stanmore Champions

35+:     Winner: Unity B          Runner Up: Unity A 



Thanks to Sukaina Railey, Shaista Somani, Nazira Shah, Saida Nasser, Zahra Khalfan, Hana-Fatimah Valji and Zainab Manji for their assistance in running the competitive swimming.

12 and under:    Winner: Aleena Dewji (SICM)          Runner up: Aasiyah Alloo (Stanmore)

16-20:     Winner: Safiya Merali (Stanmore)          Runner up: Fatima Jaffer (Stanmore)

21+:     Winner: Shaista Somani (Essex)          Runner up: Sabera Alloo (Stanmore)



Thank you to Laila Hasnraj, Hasina Kanji and Zainab Walji for their assistance in coordinating the table tennis tournament.

12 and under:     Winner: Aleena Dewji (SICM)          Runner up: Sakina Merali (Stanmore)

13-15:     Winner: Sakina Rahemani (Stanmore)          Runner Up: Aamina Juma (Stanmore)

16+:     Winner: Zainab Walji (Leicester)          Runner up: Ambrina Dinmamod (Paris) 


Winner: Nikhat Panjwani and Mumtaz Ismail (Birmingham)          Runner up: Anaar Walji and Laila Hansraj (Leicester and Peterborough)


Thanks to Shaheen Hirji, Sukaina Bharwani, Sukaina Railey, Fatim Visram, Hana-Fatimah Valji, Malika Chandoo and Nasim Lakha as well as our referees, for their assistance in running the badminton tournament. And thank you to all participants for their patience and understanding during a complex process.

12 and under beginner:     Winner: Alesha Lakhani (Birmingham)          Runner up: Sumayya Dewji (Hyderi)

12 and under intermediate:     Winner: Asiyah Azeemali (Stanmore)          Runner up: Fatema Zahra Chandoo (Stanmore)

13-15 beginner:     Winner: Zainab Dhamani (Peterborough)          Runner up: Sayyeda Punjani (Manchester)

13-15 intermediate:     Winner: Safiya Bandali (Stanmore)          Runner up: Sakina Rahemani (Stanmore)

16-20 intermediate 1:     Winner: Naqiyah Bharwani (Stanmore)          Runner up: Sabiha Rahemani (Stanmore)

16-20 intermediate 2:     Joint winners: Sakina Rashid (Toronto/Essex)/Sabera Somji (Stanmore)          Runner up: Zainab Sajadhussen Walji (Peterborough)

16-20 advanced:     Winner: Zainab Rashid (Toronto/Essex)          Runner up: Fatema Dewji (Stanmore)

21+ beginners:     Winner: Ayman Fazal (Stanmore)          Runner up: Nishad Bandali (Birmingham)

21+ intermediate 1:     Joint winners: Shakila Meghjee (Birmingham)/Shehnaz Merali (Milton Keynes)          Joint runners up: Sukaina Gulamhusein (Stanmore)/Zainab Damani (Peterborough)

(joint winners and runners up have been included here due to the league having progressed to a semi-final, but the final not having been played)

21+ intermediate 2:     Winner: Tarannum Khaku (Stanmore)          Runner up: Sagira Jetha (Stanmore)

21+ advanced:     Winner: Sakina Damani (Peterborough)          Runner up: Fatema Dewji (Stanmore) 


12 and under beginners:     Winner: Aleesha Lakhani and Alina Velji (Birmingham)          Runner up: Hanaan Fatema and Hawra Datoo (Stanmore)

12 and under intermediate:     Winner: Ameera Haji and Saman Khaku (Stanmore)          Runner up: Aasiya Alloo and Zainab Karim (Stanmore)

13-15 intermediate:     Winner: Aleena and Hannah Dewji (SICM)          Runner up: Muhaddisa Hasham and Fatema Merali (Stanmore)

16-20 beginners:     Winner: Sakina Govani and Hannah Damani (Peterborough)          Runner up: Aliya Jaffer and Maryam Virani (Stanmore)

16-20 intermediate 1:     Winner: Shazia Bharwani and Zainab Walji (Peterborough/Leicester)          Runner up: Sakina and Sabiha Rahemani (Stanmore)

21+ beginners:     Winner: Fatema Damji and Nishad Bandali (Birmingham)          Runner up: Noor Gangji and Mohsina Datoo (Stanmore)

21+ intermediate 1:     Winner: Farida Merali and Munira Asaria (SICM)          Runner up: Shehnaz Merali and Dilshad Dhanji (Milton Keynes)

21+ intermediate 2:     Winners: Zainab and Sakina Rashid (Toronto/Essex)          Runner up: Khadija Gulamhusein and Shirin Merali (SICM)

21+ advanced:     Winner: Maryam Asaria and Fatema Merali (SICM)          Runner Up: Naznin Merali and Shamim Rahemani (Stanmore)



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