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Posted by swimming on February 13, 2014

Health and Safety Rules

  • Children 8 years and under regardless of swimming ability MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is responsible for their direct supervision, with a maximum of two children (8 and under) for each guardian.

  • Anti-social behaviour will NOT be tolerated either within the swimming pool or communal areas

  • Comply with all instructions of the lifeguards

  • No ball games allowed

  • Uphold pool etiquette by not disturbing the more avid swimmers within the swimming lanes

  • Priority usage of benched changing room to fathers with children and those less able 

  • Disabled parking bays are NOT to be used unless required

  • All children to be accompanied by an adult/guardian when using the lift

  • Dispose of ALL litter in all areas


  • Breakfast served on first floor of sports hall as usual

  • Breakfast donation = £10/week or you can bring along breakfast snacks for everyone but do let the breakfast coordinators know in advance.

  • Please continue to clean up after yourselves and assist volunteers to dispose of all litter in the bins 

  • Guardians with children: NO asraaf, please!

Access to parking areas at Aspire

Ongoing works mean the link road between the two Aspire car parks will be closed until mid April 2014. Access to the main Aspire car park is via the Wood Lane entrance. Access to the lower Aspire car park is via the Brockley Hill hospital entrance.

Capacity Issue

As regular swimmers know, during the last year or so we have experienced high numbers of members attending and wanting to swim. However, with the number of lifeguards available, the centre can only legally cater for 50 swimmers at any one time. SJ Sports team are working hard to attain another swimming pool which we could hire on a weekly basis. As soon as they have concluded an outcome of this, we will update all swimmers via email. Please pray for their en devours of finding a similar pool of a similar scheduled time. 

Pay as you swim participants

If you are planning to attend swimming sessions on an ad-hoc basis or know of anyone who wishes to attend as a guest for a particular week. Please inform us by texting 07773770420 at least a day before the Sunday swimming session.


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