25 May 2019 / 19. Ramadhan 1440

Posted by allsports on July 21, 2017

Stanmore Jaffreys put together an evening of fun filled competitiveness which was, ‘buzzing’ with excitement, to say the least. ‘Blockbusters’ was brought to Hujjat Stanmore courtesy of the talented Canadian based dynamic ‘tech’ duo, Zaigham and Hussain who provided the software for the well- known game show and online support on the night.

 On Saturday 3rd June, after Iftaar, the ladies hall was transformed into a set reminiscent of a classic game show: Blockbusters.  Eight teams pooled together to battle it out; it was a test of knowledge and memory!

The teams:


  • 313,
  • Mind Bogglers,
  • Wonder Women,
  • Ali Waaley,
  • Kinetic,
  • Chasing glory,
  • Hikma and
  • The Sisterhood of the Travelling Ilm,


were grouped into ‘reds’ vs ‘blues’ and sat face to face in a nail-biting ‘buzz-off’. Electronic buzzers ensured fair play as the one who was the quickest to press the buzzer, answered.

The hosts ensured that, where a question was deemed ‘unsuitable’ or ‘confusing’, it was voided and an alternative question was poised to the teams. For the team who answered correctly, the chance was given to select a letter from the hexagon grid; the aim was to make it across the board, the direction was dependent on whether you were with the ‘red’ team or ‘blue’ team.

The round robin was fierce where all teams competed to make it through. The semi- finals saw Hikma, 313, Ali Waley and Chasing Glory compete for a place in the final and when the pressure is on, we witnessed people pressing the mic and speaking into the buzzer.  313 and Ali Waaley made it through to a nail biting final. Both teams were highly competitive but they still managed to have a good laugh. The final round saw the blue team Ali Waaley lose to the reds 313, who initially were losing quite badly. It seems that the ‘reds’ redeemed themselves and managed pole position! The winning teams received prints of the Kaaba courtesy of Ahlan Arts as a token of their victory.

A delicious sehri  of Kebab roll, tea and mundazi was served in-between the rounds. The game was hosted by SJ Ladies Lit team with AV support from Fatima Alidina Merali and hosted by Mev Mirza.   

Well done to all those who participated and thank you for being such great sports.  We would like to thank our Sponsors ‘Ahlan Arts’.