25 May 2019 / 19. Ramadhan 1440

Posted by allsports on May 07, 2017

The 'Food for Thought' quiz night was a massive success.  With 155 participants including some of Hujjats most esteemed cooks, the heat was most definitely on!!   Google was educating one and all as they registered and took their places until the Quiz Master made everyone take the oath of 'No Phone's' and that is when you know your  now alone with your kitchen know how. The hard work of all the volunteers who organised this event really paid off. The quiz was exciting, thought provoking and fun.  Who would have thought that Betroot leaves were good for your eyes (even the optics struggled with that one) We enjoyed a hearty Indian meal in between the game, which refuelled us for the last rounds of the quiz.  We ended in a three way tie, and so came the battle for 1st place with all 30 going heads to tail ;).  Well done to team Chive!! For securing their win. For those who didn't win the quiz, the excitement for the raffle was still rife with silent prayers and anticipation running through the air.   The attention to detail was impressive, from well thought out team names, funky centre pieces on the tables, to tic tacs labelled 'encourage-mints', and well designed fridge magnets for us to take home (and more!).  This event provided  everyone with a reason to eat, drink and be merry, but in the midst of all of that, this event allowed us to invest not only in an epic night out, but also share basic necessities with those who go without every night.  The proceeds of this event which amounted to £1400 were split amongst two food charities, 'WIH London Food Drive' and Sufra and that is why we gave Food some Thought!A fantastic amount that will go a huge way and we thank all the sponsors of the raffle prizes that gave so generously to this noble cause. Thank you to the organisers and volunteers who made sure we had an amazing time, but for also allowing us to help those in need too.