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Posted by webmaster on February 28, 2017

On Friday 17 February 2017, Stanmore Jaffery’s held a porcelain painting workshop for 40 girls aged 7 and over. The evening began at 6:30pm as all the girls made their way into the ELC, ready for an exciting evening of activities. The hall was set up with 5 tables of 8 and decorations in accordance with the unicorn theme. At the front of the hall, a golden unicorn cut out was displayed on the wall, along with a string of tassels, representing a unicorn tail.  The table at the front was topped with blue unicorn-themed cupcakes and a picture frame displaying the quote “Always be a unicorn in a field of horses!” – a message for the young girls to take away from the workshop in order to stand out from the crowd by being unique and individual characters. At each table were porcelain unicorn coin banks and unicorn sun catcher kits for each girl, along with glitter and pearlised pens for the girls to share. 

The girls got stuck in straight away, some choosing to decorate their coin banks first, while others chose to paint their sun-catchers.  The atmosphere was buzzing as the girls chatted away whilst expressing their originality and imagination. In the process of art-making, the friendly and relaxed environment allowed for the girls to share their materials and make new friends. All the girls showcased their creative skills throughout the course of the evening through their beautifully decorated coin banks and sun-catchers.

After a busy hour and a half of painting, the girls had a chance to cool off with pizzas, juice and cupcakes, before being collected by their parents. Each girl left the workshop with their unique artistic coin banks and sun-catchers with smiles on their faces after a fun-filled evening of putting their talented skills into practice.