24 March 2019 / 16. Rajab 1440

Posted by sistersspirit on November 22, 2013

Whilst all the martyrs of Karbala are all hero's, some of us may find a personal connection with a particular shaheed. From different martyrs we find lessons which we are able to implement into our lives and thus strengthening our bond with the Ahlulbayt and those around us.

From John we learn of Brotherhood and Unity.

From Habib ibne Mazahir we learn and take lessons of Friendship. 

From Hur we learn how to be sincere in our Repentance and migrate from Falsehood to Truth.

From Qasim we learn of the mind-set we should have towards what is inevitable for us all: Death.

From Ali Akber we learn how our relationship should be between father and son.

From Ali Asgher we learn that age doesn't play a part in being with truth.

From Abbas. From Abbas we learn of Valour. From Abbas we learn of Hope. From Abbas we learn of keeping your Master at the forefront of your actions. From Abbas we learn how to obey the Imam of our time. 

From Imam Hussein (A) we learn the importance of salaa. From Imam Hussein (A) we learn to be satisfied with our decree from our Lord no matter the circumstances. 


Take a moment to ponder over each martyr and their lessons and how WE are going to implement them in our life? Whether it be being a better friend.. To turning back of Allah and seeking forgiveness.. To improving our salaa..

For Imam Hussein (A) had His companions who were there in HIS time of need. Where are the companions of Imam Zaman (altf) that we are yearning for? Who is there for Him in His time of need?

Let us be Abbas to the Imam of Our Time.