25 May 2019 / 19. Ramadhan 1440

Posted by allsports on July 30, 2017

My mum woke me up at the crack of dawn and I got dressed. We made our way to the Olympic park in stratford in our red hijabs and SJ kit. It felt more like traveling with SJ family than friends! You could feel the excitement in the air!

There were lots of stewards welcoming us to the stadium. They had huge foam hands on and we high-fived them about a million times on the way!

We finally arrived at about 9:45 and the aunties were so hungry after the walk from the station to the stadium so they ate all their lunch straight away when they got there!

The athletics sports included: long jump, shot put, javelin, wheelchair racing, running and the high jump.

When we entered the Olympic stadium, it felt so grand and exciting. I felt really lucky to be there. One of the first things we were intrigued by were some small remote controlled cars on the field. We looked closely and realised they were collecting the javelins after the athletes had thrown them and taking them back to the next athlete, to save the judges from running back and forth.

The stewerds very kindly gave us  fun activities to do on a worksheet such as word searches, dot to dot, Sudoku and spot the difference! This really added to the fun we had all day.

We were enthralled by all the different sports, lines of athletes entering and exiting the stadium, running along giving autographs. Some of the sports really filled us with suspense and we all let out huge cheers! But sometimes, the crowd had to be quiet so that the athletes could hear the ‘ready, set,go’ announcement clearly. Whizzbee- the paraathletic mascot which was a giant bee- told everyone to  be quiet on huge screens.

At one point , Whizbee came out into the crowd to give everyone a high-five and say hello! He shook our hands, gave high fives and even gave us stickers.  My little sister was so excited-she felt like she was meeting a celebrity!

While we ate our lunch, there was  a sudden heavy rain shower which make the track and field wet. One athlete fell while doing the shot put because it was so slippery. He got a foul which we all thought was unfair but rules are rules. The athletes all really respected the judges-their say was final.


After the athletics event, the audience was invited to heroes village where there was free strawberries and cream ice-cream, a photo booth, mini athletics games for us to take part in and an awards ceremony for the athletes who won the events. One of  the highlights was seeing Radzi from Blue Peter presenting the awards. We were very excited to see him in real life!

I felt really excited and inspired by the fact that the athletes all had disabilities but were still taking part and performing so well. After such a fun day, we all slept really well-the trip truly was a day to remember.