23 January 2018 / 5. Jamaad-Ul-Awwal 1439

Posted by swimming on June 15, 2016

On Saturday 11th June Stanmore Jafferys held their first ladies only Blockbusters style quiz night. The aim of this evening was to bring ladies from the community together under the banner of learning and laughter. Alhamdullilah by the end of the evening everyone agreed that it certainly exceeded their expectations.


The night started at 10.30 where all the ladies players and spectators gathered in the Ladies main hall of Hujjat Stanmore. The atmosphere was one of excitement and anticipation. Bursts of nervous  laughter could be heard as well as small groups revising.


At 10.50 while the audio visual was being finalised the 6 team captains were called for the game draw and rules. This created a tense yet exciting atmosphere as this was the first Blockbuster games night and people didn't know what to expect!

Just before we started, everyone was reminded of the rules the key rule for spectators was no calling out - this we were yet to discover to be the most tempting rule to break! Blockbusters is played on a game board of letters where each team represented by a different colour (red and blue) have to work their way either vertically or horizontally across the board by choosing a letter and answering the question in the format "What Q is the holy book of Islam?" for example.


At 11pm the game started with a loud chorus of cheers. The questions were challenging ranging from translating words into Arabic to general knowledge and sports questions. The questions were a lucky draw depending on what letter each team chose. The presenter didn't have prior knowledge to the questions so they were a surprise  for all!.


The games progressed with many laughs, confused faces, buzzer sounds and smiles... There were some surprise wins as well as someone extremely tricky questions that left both players and spectators stumped. Just before the semi finals we broke for a delicious Sehri of Shawarmas, chips and drinks!


The finals was between Team Hikmah and Sim stars after a tense game with lots of ooo's and aaa's team Hikmah had a clear win! Congratulations!

Well done to all the teams that took part, it truly was a unique night at Hujjat Stanmore.



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