24 March 2019 / 16. Rajab 1440

Posted by assistantwebmaster on July 15, 2016

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Rahim


On Saturday 2nd June, Stanmore Jaffery’s held their much anticipated annual girl’s Sleepover. As always the aim of this event was to help younger girls build friendships they will cherish for a lifetime.

The night started with a sweet treat of Ice Cream followed by pilates. The girls thoroughly enjoyed this activity as it gave them a chance to relax and try something new.



The girls then enjoyed their Sehri - Peri Peri Chicken and chips, followed by Jamaat Fajr Namaa

After Namaaz, the night really kicked off. The girls were split into five groups and switched activities thruout the night.

The most anticipated activity, was Glow in the Dark bowling. This was created by using plastic water bottles half filled with water, with a glow stick inside it.

Zara said “My favourite activity was the Glow in the dark Bowling as it was a unique activity that I had never tried before.”

With kids now having various stressful periods where they sit different sorts of exams, we wanted to give them something that would help them sleep with the assistance of the Almighty.  Pillowcase decorating was an apt way to showcase the ism of Allah that would help them get a peaceful sleep. ‘Al Qayoomu’, which if recited before bed, allows the reciter a sound sleep. The girls had fabric pens which let their creative sides run wild.

Aliyah said “The pillowcases were my favourite because I got to be creative and my mentors helped me when I needed it.”

Tahera-Mehdiyya held small discussion circles, which consisted of sitting in a circle with blankets and pillows and talking about anything the girls wanted ranging from school, to the month of Ramadhan. The girls really opened up about life and enjoyed sharing experiences.

With the Holy month coming to an end, we wanted to mark the event with some Eid festivities and so the girls made Eid Lanterns out of card, tissue paper and battery tea lights.

“The lanterns were my favourite part, it allowed me to be creative and I made it for my mum.” 

We had a whole dedicated games room set up in the men’s main hall which included, Carom, Table Tennis, Foosball and some others. The girls enjoyed this as it was a time where they could play with their friends and just have fun.

‘I enjoyed the games the most as I got to play with my mentors.’ – Emaan


To finish off the night and to allow the kids to drift off into a snooze the girls watched, "Alice in wonderland".


Reviews from the night included:


“I enjoyed meeting new people in my group and I think I will stay friends with them for a long time” – Maryam.


“I would definitely do it again, the activities were really fun and everyone was enthusiastic” -Kauther.


“The mentors were always there to help when I needed them” – Emaan.