19 February 2018 / 2. Jamaad-Ul-Akhar 1439


20 September 2017
The modern calligraphy course organised by Stanmore Jafferys was fantastic. It was well structured and beautifully orchestrated. When I arrived the tables were neatly set up with our own starter
07 May 2017

The 'Food for Thought' quiz night was a massive success.  With 155 participants including some of Hujjats most esteemed cooks, the heat was most definitely on!!   Google was educating one and all 

06 March 2017
Celebrate the birth of Lady Fatema (as) with fellow brothers at a Paintball

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Social Section

Social organises recreational activities designed to develop our youth and provide a forum for ‘halaal fun’.

Examples of SJ Social activities include Friday evening’s Youth Club, First Aid and Public Speaking courses, the annual SJ Sleepover and the SJ Boys Camping Trip.

24 March 2014

The boys at youth club decided to give a little back to the man who has given so much for them.. a surprise birthday party!

11 March 2014


13 February 2014



30 January 2014


29 January 2014

Stanmore Jaffery's Social has organised a special event for girls!


18 December 2013

SJ Social is proud to start 2014 with a bang!  SJ Youth Club was a massive success with its regulary Friday night chill-outs in 2013.  Sports, Games, Discussion Circles, and a chance to socialise...



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