19 February 2018 / 2. Jamaad-Ul-Akhar 1439


07 January 2018

Stanmore Jaffery’s are introducing a new football league called the Ghadeer Football League. It’s aim is to bring the community together through the medium of sport. This league will allow all

30 July 2017

My mum woke me up at the crack of dawn and I got dressed. We made our way to the Olympic park in stratford in our

20 May 2017

Thank you SJ for a phenomenal day!!I was really looking forward to the day and was not disappointed. It was great to have a day out with my mum and sister but also with all my close friends which


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16 March 2016

Mind & Soul

YOGA on March the 18th at Hayden School (Wiltshire Ln, Pinner HA5 2LX)...

16 March 2016

Salaams Ladies,

We have our FIRST EVER Basketball session on Friday 18th March at HAYDEN SCHOOL (...

09 March 2016

***** SJ Ladies are going to Wembley ******

07 March 2016

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim

Internal Indoor Cricket tournament. 6 Teams of 8 a side , will be split into 2 groups of 3 teams . Round Robin Group stage followed by Semi final and Finals...

24 February 2016

Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim

You Asked it, We brought it! Ladies Basketball and Volleyball is officially in the mix with the new SWISH and SPIKE.

Confirm your spot by registering...

11 February 2016

Registrations for our first Internal Friendly SJ Ladies Netball tournament have now closed!

You are invited (Ladies Only) to come and watch Stanmores finest play against each other at 8pm...



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