18 February 2019 / 11. Jamaad-Ul-Akhar 1440

Saturday swimming

Address: Merry Hill Rd, Bushey, Watford, Hertfordshire WD23 1DT

When: 7.30am - 8.30am (8am-9am during school summer holiday period)

Frequency: Runs weekly every Saturday unless it coincides with Ashura Day. Closed during Mahe Ramadhan. Usually closed for 2 weeks during Christmas period and one week during Easter.

Pool: 25 meter, heated, dedicated swimming lanes

Parking: Free, please do not park in disabled marked bays

Sunday swimming

Address: Aspire Leisure Centre, Wood Ln, Stanmore, Middlesex HA7 4AP

When: 8:00am - 9.00am

Frequency: Runs weekly every Sunday unless it coincides with Ashura Day. Closed during Mahe Ramadhan

Pool: 25 meter, heated, dedicated swimming lanes, Full ramped access for wheelchair users

Parking: Free, please do not park in disabled marked bays



Generic rules

  • You may register to swim Either only for Saturday Swimming OR for Sunday Swimmingyou cannot attend both as there is a limited amount of swimmers that can enter a swimming pool for health and safety reasons. Therefore, upon registering and paying for membership you will be prompted to select either Saturday or Sunday. 
  • All children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult/guardian at all times, (whether in/outside of the swimming pool)
  • No running within the swimming pool area or changing rooms
  • Inappropriate behaviour, rude language and disrespect towards any other swimmer, regardless of their age will not be tolerated 


Sign up and Payments

Sign up for notificationshttp://jafferys.org/content/add-update-details 

Payment and Costs for 2016 Memberships:





Adult Sports


Adults Sports & Volleyball


Adults Swim Only


Adults Swim & Sports


Adults Swim & Sports & Volleyball







Student Sports


Student Sports & Volleyball


Student Swim Only


Students Swim & Sports


Student Swim & Sports & Volleyball







U16s All Sports


U16s Swim Only


U16s Sports & Swim







U7s Football


U7s Swim Only


U7s Sports & Swim


There is no charge for infants that are 2 years old or younger

(Note: Infants that are 6 months or younger may need the relevant immunisations and may also find the water temperature too cold)

** To register your infant's name (as their presence will be counted when considering maximum number of swimmers in a pool), upon receiving your E-mail receipt entitled "Receipt - Membership Registration 2016" please forward this email toliterary@jafferys.org stating the names of the Infants that you wish to register also. **

Non Playing Member:  £20


Payment Methods


Based on the feedback we have received from members and to make the membership processing system more efficient, please find below the following methods available:


1.       Paying online (one single payment):


Adults/Students (paying on their own):


Step 1: For adults; fill out the form: http://jafferys.org/content/pay-online-adultstudent-16yrs?cid1=2256&cs=37a77fa5baec377d6bb5ecf7e047635e_1452123071_168


Step 2: Select the correct membership option category from the drop down menu on the form.


Step 3: Proceed to payment, you can pay using paypal or a debit/credit card.


Step 4: You will receive an automated email, store this email for your records.


U16/Students (if paid for by parent/guardian):



Step 1: Form to be filled by parent/guardian on behalf of individual:  http://jafferys.org/content/pay-online-childstudent-under-16yrs


Step 2: Select the correct membership option category from the drop down menu on the form.


Step 3: Proceed to payment, you can pay using paypal or a debit/credit card.


Step 4: You will receive an automated email, store this email for your records.


2.       Direct Debit System (monthly payment):


Step 1: Fill out Go-Cardless Direct Debit form https://dashboard.gocardless.com/api/paylinks/11XPARZ8V7 only ONCE (even if you are paying for multiple people/u16/u7 etc) we will set up one direct debit mandate to incorporate all amounts.


Step 2: You will receive an automated email confirming that you have filled out the go-cardless form correctly. You will need the unique reference number: ref: STANMOREJAFF-***** when filling out form below in step 3.


Step 3:  Fill out the following for EACH member:


For adults: http://jafferys.org/content/pay-direct-debit-adultstudent-16yrs?cid1=2256&cs=37a77fa5baec377d6bb5ecf7e047635e_1452123071_168


For u16s/Students: http://jafferys.org/content/pay-direct-debit-childstudent-under-16yrs (use the same Go cardless reference for each person if filling out for multiple people under one direct debit to allow us to amalgamate the direct debit)

Step 4: You will receive an email from gocardless and Stanmore Jafferys confirming the monthly Direct Debit amount and date of first transaction.

The first direct debit will go out on 2 February 2016 and the 2nd of every month thereafter. The DD will therefore be spread over 11 payments with a grace period in the first month. 

The DD for new joiners on a monthly basis will be adjusted accordingly and spread over the remaining months. For the period 1 January to 30 September 2016 the fees will not be pro-rated. From 1 October - 31 December 2016 fees for new joiners will be pro-rated accordingly (this will include one off payments too)

3.       Cash/Cheques (one single payment):

We will NOT be accepting cash or cheques payments.

However, if you do still require to pay by cash/cheque please email: treasurer@jafferys.org to confirm the process of payment.


Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact:


Sajjad Hamir: treasurer@jafferys.org

Abbas Merali: chair@jafferys.org

Imran Gulamhusein: vicechair@jafferys.org


29 March 2016
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