24 March 2019 / 16. Rajab 1440

Posted by assistantwebmaster on June 18, 2014

Imagine if you had something, just a pinch of hope, to get you through your week. That one thing to always, on a weekly basis, look forward to, and that one thing that because of how often it is, reminds you how time flies, and how the last week just sped by.

A place you go, where not only is there loads of fun and games, and a buzz to the environment, but a place where there are mentors, pillars you can look up to, all around, the finest, The Chosen Few!

SJ have thought about it, and have successfully produced a wonderful idea that gave all of us children something to like Fridays for. A reason to actually, truthfully say Thank God It’s Friday!

The SJ Youth Club is in full swing again after the exam break. Alhamdulillah, once again it is a big success, with laughter and cheerfulness all around, with a chance to meet friends and catch up, have a little chit-chat, and spice it up with a competitive game of Table Tennis!

However… there is one problem. What should we do? There are so many activities, ranging from pool to PS3, from Table Tennis to Football, and so much more! They usually do call me indecisive, but I’m not so sure now…

SJ Youth Club is yet again another successful initiative started by Stanmore Jaffery’s, which youth ages 11-16 can look forward to. Personally, I attend the SJ Youth Club and I find it a wonderful place to end my week with. A range of choices, a range of games, and the most important, a range of friends!


Muntazir Jaffer